Now this is my worst, okay? This is my worst. But I’m gonna get better. You just gotta give me a chance to get better.  BLUE VALENTINE (2010)


Get to Know Me Meme: 5 favorite actors
5/5: Ryan Gosling

What’s a film that helps me to live? Howard The Duck. It’s about a duck. It’s like, very dark. And I remember a scene where it was kind of sexual, you know? Just like…sexy ducks.

You think this is easy for me?

Ryan Gosling heads to a lunch meeting in downtown Los Angeles, May 31

Ryan Gosling photographed by Audoin Desforges, 2014.

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Ryan Gosling, the director and writer of  Lost River, at the 67th Cannes international film festival.

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Can you prove me without words that you know exactly what is a french kiss? x

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