SO AS MOST OF YOU KNOW, I’M TRYING TO STUDY ABROAD IN LONDON NEXT SPRING. i’ll stop typing in caps. well it’s about $5,000 more than i have available via financial aid, so i’m applying for scholarships.

one that i applied for requests that i promote my application essay on social media sites. the more clicks i get, the better chances i have of getting my essay to the top 20 finalists.

that being said, it’d be amazing for me and my journey to london if you clicked this link, and then clicked the green “vote for this essay” button!

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Anonymous asked: The quote on your sidebar... is it Ryan's?

Sure is.

When you meet [Luke] in the film, he’s part of this boyband stunt team called “Handsome Luke and the Heartthrobs.” And they travel around with this circle and ride the globe of death. Luke’s from Las Vegas and he’s had a very troubled life. Grew up in and out of foster homes and has experienced a lot of violence in his childhood and eventually became violent. He’s in and out of jail and he’s looking for a life for himself and finally found it in the circus. (x)

ryan gosling and his ridiculous laugh

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